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Hello and Welcome to Mathew Stones International and Contracting VTC (MSIC). We are a Virtual Truck Company for Euro Truck Simulator 2 Single player (ETS 2). We first opened our doors back in October 2015 and we have been going strength to strength over the past few years. We have grown from a few groups of friends to a medium-sized group full of individuals with all different personalities and skills. We at MSIC are also a strong believer in helping other VTCs out in the ETS 2 world which is why we actively have opportunities to join our contracting program. The core rule is that your company haul our trailers and we haul yours! This gives each party involved more media presence and can benefit each VTC in many ways. If you wish to apply or ask any questions then feel free to go to the contact us tab at the bottom of this webpage.

Management Team

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Mathew Stones

In charge of the VTC and its daily running in general. Has the final decision on anything going in the company and controls the direction of the company and its future. Mainly assists HR in anything to do with trials

Oct 15 - Present

COO - Chief Operating Officer

Callum Sisson

The second from the top, in charge of day to day runnings when the CEO is unavailable, mainly weekends. The main role of the COO is to assist the Fleet Manager in anything to do with the fleet.

Nov 15 - Present

Transport Manager

Ben Greenwood

He is in charge of the General well being of drivers and the Fleet. He decides if your truck is up to MSIC standards or not. He is your point of call for requesting a new truck too.

Nov 17 - Present

Graphic Design Director

Reyhan Ramadhan

He is our fleet designer. He's more of a driver but his work has gained management status, he is around at odd times but he drives a fair bit for our company. He deals with livery requests from our drivers and makes them come to life.

Sept 16 - Present

Human Resources Director

Lewis Watson 

The Human Resources (HR) Director is responsible for the recruitment and initial training of all new drivers to MSIC. They are also available to offer support and guidance to all members of the company.

July 18 - Present

The Fleet

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Contracting & Partnerships

Our current contracts:

Our current partnerships:


Driver Recruitment

Our driver recruitment section is currently a work in progress. If you are interested in becoming a driver with us please visit the Contact Us section.

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